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Valley of the light of dreams is a hybrid between a “life simulator” and an adventure game that includes a mix of exploration, quests, and activities, such as crafting and cooking, to keep the game fresh and playable in the long run. Dreamlight Valley is a place where you will find Disney and Pixar characters! One of the most adorable aspects of the game is the Companions. These can be collected during special promotions (events or rewards for limited events), but you can also befriend critters.

Escort List for Disney Dreamlight Valley

Companions follow the player around, but there are no real benefits to having them, so they’re a fun thing to collect as you play. There are Event Companions and Creature Companions. bug companions It can be divided into animal types, as each type has around five different colors/fur colors that can be found.

crocodiles Blue, Classic, Gold, Pink, Red Bug
foxes Black, Blue, Classic, Red, White Bug
rabbits Black, Brown, Calico, Classic, White Bug
raccoons Black, Blue, Classic, Red, White Bug
ravens Blue, Brown, Classic, Red, White Bug
sea ‚Äč‚Äčturtles Black, Brown, Classic, Purple, White Bug
squirrels Black, Classic, Grey, Red, White Bug
sunbirds Emerald, Gold, Orchid, Red, Turquoise Bug
heavenly sea turtle From the Founders Pack: Deluxe Edition Event (Limited)
Choco Crocodile From 6/9 to 13/9/22 Event (Limited)
festive fox Festive Star Path, Ends 01/26/23 Event (Limited)
IncrediSquirrel Pixar Fest Star Path, Ended 10/11/22 Event (Limited)
spike Pua’s Quest quest line Event
royal fox From the Founders Pack: Ultimate Edition Event (Limited)
rope raccoon Star Path of villains, ended on 11/22/22 Event (Limited)

That concludes our guide to all the companions that have been released in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which will hopefully help you progress through the game. You can see more of our Disney Dreamlight Valley Coverage!

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