‘Bryce Young checks all the boxes except one’: Former NFL HC Mike Smith points out the only thing raising questions about Alabama QB

Bryce Young is the favorite to be the Carolina Panthers’ pick to start Thursday’s NFL Draft. As they’ve gone through the process, he’s become the guy many believe will be his pick after they moved from ninth to first overall. He’s an excellent prospect, one the Panthers are potentially enamored with.

However, he is not a perfect prospect. There is rarely, but Young is not. Former NFL head coach Mike Smith, who coached the Atlanta Falcons, believes there is something wrong with Young’s case.

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He spoke exclusively to the Ballfather podcast:

“I think he’s had that trend for the last two weeks, Reggie. And I have a different opinion on who’s the number one quarterback, but Bryce Young checks all the boxes except one, and we talked about it and that’s his height.” . “

Height has been Young’s biggest question mark, and according to Smith, there’s a reason for that:

“And there, you know, there seems to be a change in feelings about the height of a quarterback. And Bryce Young is going to be another one of those outliers. Is it going to be another Drew Brees? It’s going to be another Russell Wilson who, You know, you can take a team and win it and win a Super Bowl. Stats, you know, but things are changing.”

He continued:

“And I think this is, you know, I think we’re at an inflection point. And what we’re seeing as far as college quarterbacks in terms of their height and what they’re being asked to do, because that’s the NFL feeding system”.

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Young He stands just over 5-foot-10 and weighs just over 200 pounds. That’s a bit light for an NFL quarterback, though smaller quarterbacks have had and will continue to have success. Will Young be next?

Bryce Young has addressed his size

Bryce Young has heard all the questions about his size. he recently addressed the problem:

“People think that with this draft process I must be sick of talking about my size, but I’ve dealt with it my whole life. For me, I’m not someone who wants to go out and fight everything that people say about me or refute. It’s the beauty of sports, we all have our favorites, we support certain people and we have our opinions. I’m fine with that.”

Bryce Young addressed concerns
Bryce Young addressed concerns

Some team will recruit him, be it the panthers at onethe Houston Texans at two or someone else.

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