British track and field coach Fuzz Caan has been banned from the sport for three years –

Fuzz Caan, British track and field and high jump coach, receives a THREE YEAR misconduct ban after admitting he shamed himself for his obesity, used abusive language and made fun of disabled people.

  • Track and field coach Fuzz Caan was initially suspended as coach in June 2021
  • He received a three-year suspension retroactive to his initial suspension.
  • It comes after Caan admitted to a series of allegations of misconduct.

A prominent British athletics coach has been given a three-year ban for misconduct after admitting he used abusive language, fat-shaming and mocking disabled people.

Fuzz Caan, once an actor on Coronation Street, was initially suspended in June 2021 after UK Athletics received a letter of complaint “signed by several people in the high jump community”.

It meant that Caan, who guided Robbie Grabarz to a silver medal at London 2012, was unable to work with Team GB at the Tokyo Olympics, where he was supposed to coach high jumpers Morgan Lake and Emily Borthwick.

Following a UKA investigation in which witness statements were obtained from a number of athletes, 12 misconduct charges were brought against Caan.

Among them was a claim that he “repeatedly cursed and yelled” at an athlete under his care “over a period of several minutes.”

British track and field coach Fuzz Caan has been given a three-year ban after admitting to several allegations of misconduct.

Caan previously coached Commonwealth Games silver medalist Morgan Lake, but did not work with her during the Tokyo Olympics, having also been suspended in June 2021.

Caan is also said to have described an athlete as a “fucking idiot”, a para-athlete as “fat and slow”, and a doctor as a “fucking wit”.

Another allegation was that Caan “taunted disabled people by posing as a person where he walked with a limp, had his arm bent, and made noises while sticking out his tongue.”

He is said to have regularly called an athlete ‘gay bad foot’ and ‘lick foot Christie’.

Caan, who started working as a consultant at the Saudi Olympic Training Center last year, was due to appear at a UKA hearing this week.

But after he admitted a series of allegations, the decision was made without a hearing and posted on the UKA website to suspend Caan’s coaching license for three years, retroactively dated June 2021.

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