Bijan Robinson draft projection: Where will Texas Longhorns star RB end up in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Bijan Robinson is the consensus top running back in the 2023 NFL Draft class. Robinson had a distinguished college football career with the Texas Longhorns, where he showcased his talents in the National Football Championships.

At this point, it’s a given that Robinson will be selected in the first round of this year’s draft. But the question now is when exactly he will be out of the draft.

The Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys come easily to mind, as both teams could use an upgrade to their backfields. Robinson could serve as that upgrade and provide a security blanket for the Eagles’ Jalen Hurts or the Cowboys’ Dak Prescott.

Bijan Robinson draft stock: What the experts are saying

NFL pundits and armchair analysts see Bijan Robinson as a rich mix of efficiency and high-end athleticism for the job.

robinson He’s a strong, efficient running back at 6’0″, 222 pounds. He’s earned a reputation for playing with a springy, low running style that allows him to change direction and mitigate contact from any angle.

In addition, he has the unteachable ability to navigate in tight spaces. He has the strength and balance to stay upright, and is also very comfortable playing with short, choppy steps to filter through crowded spaces without freezing in front of the stack.

He also generally plays with good vision between tackles, even if he can have a few plays per game where he tries to be too perfect.

Pundits see him as the pioneer of a new breed of running back coming to the NFL. He is athletic, focused, has a decent soccer IQ and can be used in various offensive schemes. Pundits see Robinson as a must-see prospect heading into the 2023 NFL Draft.

Here’s a breakdown of Bijan Robinson’s game using a direct and close view of his strengths and weaknesses:


  • Three-chance running back with exceptional talent in all phases.
  • He possesses a variety of footwork tools to alter pace, direction, and power.
  • Your feet are fast and fully connected with your vision for optimal results.
  • The ability to stack moves adds a level of unpredictability to your carries.
  • Pinballs off angle punches and can tear through leg tackles.
  • The finishes are executed with authority.
  • Soft hands and a terror to face on routes on wheels.


  • Every once in a while he seems to handle race lanes better when he should be finishing.
  • You need to function with a more decisive plant-and-go mentality.
  • He needs a more consistent urgency on pass protection duties.

Bijan Robinson’s closest player comparison is probably joseph jacobs. If it’s something like him las vegas raiders talent, he will be a handful for NFL defenses for a long time to come.

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