Ben Affleck’s Batman Reveals A Dark New Look For The Flash

Dawning the spotlight in the latest poster for the highly anticipated movie, The flash, is none other than Ben Affleck’s Batman, creating waves of excitement among DC fans. Thanks to Affleck’s powerful presence, the poster has brought Ezra Miller’s title character to life while injecting fresh energy into Batman’s persona.

Meanwhile, the buzz surrounding the return of Michael Keaton’s legendary Caped Crusader has been reverberating across quarters. However, the fervor for Affleck’s return to his role as Batman proves just as compelling.

His character may not be in command of the narrative, but Affleck’s Batman is destined to leave an indelible mark from the very beginning of the story. The teasers have also hinted at a gripping action sequence, introducing the DCEU’s Batman in a refreshingly new suit, leaving fans with high anticipation.

Ben Affleck’s Batman dazzles in the flash latest promotional material

Ben Affleck's Batman flaunts an edgy new suit in the recent promotional showcase for the upcoming movie (Image via Warner Bros)
Ben Affleck’s Batman flaunts a edgy new costume at the recent promotional showcase for the upcoming film (Image via Warner Bros)

Featured in the promotional campaign of The flash, ben affleck‘s Batman takes a commanding presence in a recently unveiled Chinese poster for the film.

Shared on Twitter, the poster frames Affleck’s Batman in a distinctive spotlight amid a constellation of the film’s impressive cast.

Breaking with the norm of previous promotional content, the new poster assigns a unique space for Affleck’s Batman, placing him in the spotlight. His newly designed suit is fully displayed as he skillfully rides his Batcycle, reinforcing his iconic presence.

Additionally, the poster features an eclectic mix of characters, including the second Barry Allen in a retro bat suit, a spray-painted heirloom by michael keaton.

Returning to the fray, Michael Shannon’s General Zod is set to terrorize the newly formed alternate timeline brought to life by Miller’s hero. This assemblage of characters enriches the narrative anticipation, demonstrating the broad appeal of the upcoming film.

Ben Affleck’s Batman: A Fitting Ending In The flash?

Ben Affleck's Batman: An intense swan song in the next movie?  (Image via Warner Bros.)
Ben Affleck’s Batman: An intense swan song in the next movie? (Image via Warner Bros.)

As Ben Affleck dons his iconic hood to The flash, the whispers that this is his swan song in the DC Comics universe are getting louder.

Despite the speculation, the film, scheduled for a June release, finds Affleck expressing deep gratification at his involvement.

With an air of self-assurance, he confesses that this time he has finally mastered the art of playing Batman convincingly.

Affleck’s adulation for the upcoming movie doesn’t end there. He praises the film as not only “really good,” but also labels it the “highlight of his work as Batman.”

If he decides to retire his Batman character, it’s comforting for fans to know that he leaves with a sense of accomplishment, marking his journey as “exceptionally satisfying and rewarding.”

However, Affleck’s possible retirement raises another question: could Ezra MillerThe Flash himself, are you also contemplating retiring after this movie’s run?

These speculations will keep fans on their toes until The flash hits the big screen on Friday, June 16, 2023.

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