Auntie Bee reveals a dream she had about her late husband Bob Santo

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Veteran actress Aunty Bee has revealed the dream she had about her late husband, Bob Santo, who died two decades ago.

During an interview with Firelady, Aunt Bee revealed that her late husband appeared to her in a dream asking her to eat from the cassava farm they grew together.

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“I haven’t been seeing him in my dreams. When it first happened, I saw it. In my dream he told me where we have planted cassava; that is where I must eat from, and I must not destroy the land,” he said.

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Aunt Bee revealed that she did not understand the meaning behind the dream and sought advice from someone who advised her to continue working on the job that Santo had introduced her to, which is acting.

“Since then, I have not seen him. I discussed it with someone and told him about the dream, and he said that the work that he left me is the same work that I must continue to do, ”she added.

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“Since then, I haven’t seen him, and if I hear from him, it will be on someone’s TV or social media.” Sometimes watching videos of him makes me laugh. “I can laugh all day,” he shared.


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