ASK IRA: Could Duncan Robinson take Heat’s improved 3-point shooting to another level?

Q: Now that our shots are in, why not another shot at Duncan Robinson? When our shooters are at their best, Robinson is our best shooter. This has been proven over time. – Delroy.

A: Because the shooting happened without Duncan Robinson? Not to be unfair to Duncan, but it took this long of a season to finally establish productivity with the 3-point game, so why change what’s working? That said, with Kyle Lowry back, the Heat once again have new depth that not only doesn’t include Duncan, but also didn’t include Victor Oladipo in Wednesday night’s win over Memphis or Max Strus in the second half of Monday against Utah. So for now, with a starting lineup of Bam Adebayo, Kevin Love, Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro and Gabe Vincent and Lowry, Caleb Martin and a backup center off the bench, there’s only one spot left in a nine-man people. rotation. Oladipo? Stressed out? Or Robinson? And the rotation only gets tighter in the playoffs. Duncan’s best shot apparently would only come if Love and Vincent were, for some reason, moved out of the rotation. This does not seem likely or justified at this time.

Q: Ira, if you had a choice, would you rather play Philly or Boston in the first round? – Marc.

A: First of all, neither I nor the Heat have a choice. That’s desperation to potentially start the postseason in the play-in round. And if the play-in round comes into play for the Heat, then Milwaukee would be another first-round possibility. But since you asked, it would seem like Philadelphia would be the preferred route, just because of all the drama that comes along with the 76ers, including Joel Embiid never reaching the conference finals. These 76ers have yet to prove that in the playoffs. The Celtics already have.

Q: Jimmy Butler has been honestly amazing since he arrived. He takes breaks during the season, but when it’s time to go, he always finds a way to not only dominate, but dominate effectively, all the more amazing because he barely shoots threes. I really hope we find a way to get a ring when he’s here, I don’t think he’s ever been fully appreciated by the league except for Bubble Run (Jimmy will probably say he doesn’t care what the league thinks). ), and even that is reduced. I’ve rarely seen anyone be able to take over games as effectively, especially with a mid-perimeter game, the last one was really Dwyane Wade. – Phillip, San Francisco.

A: Jimmy Butler has been everything the Heat have asked for and more since his arrival, except maybe for the 2021 playoffs against the Bucks. Yes, he missed the time. But what major league star doesn’t these days? While some may question what his contract might look like going forward, given that it runs until his 38th birthday. he has continuously shown the ability to live in the moment.


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