Are the Cowboys sinking Odell Beckham Jr. stock? Mike Florio Claims Dallas Dirty OBJ Amid Key Injury Information Leak

The Odell Beckham Jr. draft is likely to come to an end very soon. The wide receiver visited the Buffalo Bills, the New York Giants and then the Dallas Cowboys. However, something came up after the Cowboys’ meeting.

It has been leaked that the Cowboys are concerned about the wide receiver’s injury, a torn ACL suffered in last year’s Super Bowl. ESPN’s Ed Werder reported after the meeting:

“Following the physical of Odell Beckham Jr., the Cowboys are concerned that his recovery from a torn Super Bowl left ACL has not progressed enough to ensure he plays before mid-January and there is a possibility that signing him has no benefit until the 2023 season. .”

Mike Florio thinks it’s interesting that nothing was revealed after the wide receiver’s meetings with other teams. He finds it strange that this information was revealed after meeting with jerry jones in Dallas.

Odell Beckham Jr. might not sign this year
Odell Beckham Jr. might not sign this year

florio thinks that the Cowboys might be doing one of the few things with Odell Beckham Jr. It might be showing interest in him so the New York Giants will pay more for him. It could also be that this information came out to pay less for OBJ. A third option, according to Florio, is that they are showing interest in Beckham to appease fans and players who want him to sign the receiver.

The Cowboys have their reasons, but it could well backfire on them. Not a good look, and could motivate super bowl winner sign elsewhere and never consider Dallas. After all the talk about loving Odell Beckham Jr., turning around and doing this is amazing.

There is another possibility that needs to be mentioned. The Cowboys do want the receiver and someone else leaked the information.

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Will Odell Beckham Jr. play this season?

Despite the inappropriate nature of the leak, it does provide a bit of valuable information. The Cowboys are concerned that he won’t be able to play this year, and that concern is legitimate.

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Apparently, there’s a shot he can use for the playoffs, but even that doesn’t seem like a guarantee right now. That, of course, is if the information posted is remotely accurate.

With several teams interested in him, Beckham Jr. is likely to sign this season. By whom, however, is the real question.

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