Are Priya and Vim still together from ‘Indian Matchmaking’? Social media clues

If you have a knack for dating shows but can’t go all the way to find out if Priya and Vim have been together since indian matchmaker season 3we have all the tea ready.

The premise of the show is as follows: “Matchmaker Sima Taparia guides clients in the US and India through the arranged marriage process, offering an inside look at the custom in a modern age.” Some couples will go all the way, but others have trials and tribulations in the process. About her matchmaking methods, she said People.

“I have a unique way of working. I don’t work for any client that I personally don’t have eye contact with. I go to meet them, I see their house, how they are living. I see your business, I ask the criteria (for your partner), all the definitions, what do you want, what kind of partner do you want. When someone gives me their biodata, I don’t accept without seeing it in person. Without visual connection, I don’t feel like working and I don’t get the confidence. That is my good will. That has taken me to great heights.”

She also explained to npr as marriages work on indian culture. “In India, we don’t say arranged marriage… there’s marriage and then love marriage. Marriages are between two families. Both families have their reputations and many millions of dollars at stake. So, the parents guide the children, and [helping] that is the job of a matchmaker.”

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“One of the biggest misconceptions is that arranged marriage equals forced marriage,” series creator Smriti Mundhra told NPR. “The beauty of many of our cultural traditions is their elasticity. Yes, the traditional textbook definition of an arranged marriage is that it is arranged by two families. But in this modern age… the idea of ​​arrangement is more about a recognition that marriage affects more than just the two people who decide to get married.”

According to Netflix’s official press release: “Mumbai Chasm is back and busier than ever! This season, Mumbai’s leading matchmaker will help single millennials around the world to find their perfect match. From London to New Delhi, from Miami to New York, Sima will manage more expectations than ever from clients, old and new. Drawing on her decades of experience, insightful intuition, and traditional methods, Sima strives to help a few lucky singles find their destiny.”

Although Sima Aunty still has a few surprises up her sleeve for the season 2023. “In the third season, viewers will be able to see not only my husband Anup, but also my daughters, son-in-law and my beautiful granddaughter! Just as it is for my clients, my family has always been my biggest support system,” she said. Also Priya and Vim are still together since indian matchmaker season 3? Read below to find out.

Are Priya and Vim still together since indian matchmaker season 3?

Status: Unlikely together

Fresh off Season 2, Priya had a whirlwind trying to find her perfect match. However, Sima Aunty set her up with Bobby Seagull, eventually putting him in her friend zone. Fortunately, the clinical pharmacist and private chef were a good fit for Vimal “Vim” Kansara, who shared her love of food and travel. The couple introduced themselves to their friends and seemed to hit it off. However, the show left us wondering if the two were still together after the season ended on a high note. “I feel like we definitely vibe more,” Priya said in a confessional. “But I don’t want to talk too soon either, because you never know.”

In her final interview, Priya said she felt “optimistic that this could be something special.” But it seems that things are not going as they seemed, as Priya and Vim no longer follow each other on Instagram and don’t seem to interact with each other on social media, although they are often in contact with other people on the show. They could be very private with their relationship, but it seems unlikely that they are together.

indian matchmaker is now available to stream on Netflix.

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