Are Everton and Jordan still together since 90 Day Fiance? both have secrets

If you can’t wait for the season finale to answer your question about if Everton and Jordan are still together since 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise season 3, we investigate the Internet for you. There is a lot of content to consume in the 90 day fiance universe. He original show follows couples who have received a K-1 visa, which is only available to engaged partners of US citizens.

the other way It’s exactly what it sounds like: American couples moving to their partner’s home country. Ultimately though, “it’s all about love”, 90 day fiance executive producer, Matt Sharp, said golden derby in May 2022 when asked what makes the TLC reality series so popular. “Love is paramount, but I think we tapped into a couple of things. One is that this show is incredibly authentic. I am a great lover of The Bachelor and that franchise, yet we were one of the first shows to tell true stories about ordinary Americans and their journeys of love. Also, this show is about this journey with other cultures. When we launched this program in 2014, we were on the ‘love frontier’ of this new era of meeting people all over the world.”

He continued: “This is the most diverse show on television,” Sharp said. “You can challenge me on that. We featured people from 51 countries at this point. We have subtitles. We have people who don’t speak the same language and have completely different cultures. We try to tell unique stories every time and when we’re in the casting process we evaluate people based on their personalities, backgrounds and histories, but we also want to tell unique, fresh and interesting stories.” So who’s still together? keep reading

This season has so many twists and turns with five new couples and a very familiar one. We meet up with Everton and Jordan, Juan and Jessica, April and Valentine, Scott, Lidia, Matt and Ana, and revisit VaLentine and Carlos, whom we met in season 2. The series synopsis for season three is the following: “It’s a new season of 90 day fiance love stories set in and around the Caribbean, as Americans falling in love in paradise wonder if it can last once the tan fades. First seen in Season 2, VaLentine and Carlos are now about to say ‘I do,’ but a past relationship threatens their union.

Have Everton and Jordan been together since? 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise season 3?

Status: Presumably still together

She is a nudist, he is a little more conservative. Everton and Jordan have been in a long-distance relationship for 12 years and there is a 10-year age gap between the couple. Jordan is a resident of Texas and knows Everton in Jamaica. “The wedding party rented a boat and he was our boat captain that day,” the Texas native told producers during his season 3 debut in April 2023. “And I remember the moment we saw each other, it was an immediate and magnetic impact. kind of chemistry.” The TLC personality continued: “But even when I’ve been in a relationship with other people, Everton have always been in the background.”

However, in a preview of the season, Jordan gets angry at Everton, yelling at him: “Were you taking money from me and giving it to another woman?” Jordan brushes him off saying “Small amounts, yeah”, prompting Jordan to reply, “I’m not doing this with you anymore.” Fans believe money issues could hinder this couple’s ultimate success.

While we don’t have confirmation, we’re giving them the benefit of the doubt due to how long they’ve been together and their willingness to work out their conflicts and differences. They obviously share a deep bond, and while their relationship may not be perfect, it’s clear that they want to work.

However, there are secrets that Jordan has kept from Everton in the 12 years they have been together. For example, during the pandemic, he has made and sold “custom fetish videos” and is wary of how that will look with his relatively modest partner. “I hope this time we can really pull it off…but this means I really need to get my videos straight,” he said during the April 24, 2023 episode. “It’s not okay for me to keep a secret from him.”

90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise is available to stream on TLC via Discovery+. Here it is how to watch it for free.

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