Aquarius: Your May horoscope predicts sudden career changes, thanks to eclipse season

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Taurus season lights up your private life this month, and Mercury retrograde is close to home. But don’t worry, your Aquarius Horoscope for May 2023 has lots of other exciting things in store, too.

The month begins with the transformational planet. Pluto going retrograde in your sign, prompting a quiet review of the subtle inner work you’ve been doing for the past month. While you’ll feel this cosmic shift more than any other sign, Pluto wields most of its magic from deep below the surface, so it shouldn’t be too disruptive to your daily flow.

The same cannot be said of retrograde mercury, which is currently moving backwards through your domestic 4th house and potentially stirring up drama. Whether through repeated family feuds, misunderstandings between roommates, or an influx of nostalgic childhood memories, this retrograde could be difficult, so it’s important to embrace the slow, grounded energy of Taurus season. If problems arise in your living space or in your private life, resolve them patiently. This is especially useful to keep in mind under lunar eclipse in scorpio on May 5, which will also bring some workplace drama to the cosmic mix. Watch for a career curve coming your way or a sudden change of heart when it comes to his career path. You are in the process of assuming your true authority, which could mean letting go of some limiting beliefs or commitments.

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You’ll feel like you’re standing on much more solid ground. once Mercury retrograde ends on May 14. And two days later, when expansive Jupiter enters Taurus, you’ll feel even more hopeful. Over the course of a year’s transit, the good luck planet will spread its magic over your domestic and emotional life, bringing plenty of abundance, a greater sense of security, and perhaps even some opportunities to upgrade your living space. He new moon in taurus May 19 is a beautiful time to spring clean your home and set some sincere intentions. Get comfortable under this lunation and allow yourself to enjoy all the comforts with which you have been blessed.

Your love life starts to heat up towards the end of the month, like fiery Mars. Hit your sector of associations. This transit inspires you to be a leader in your relationships and express your desires and expectations more assertively. It is also a good time to take the initiative to deepen a commitment to someone. Just be careful not to get caught up in a power struggle around May 20, as a tense showdown between Mars and Pluto could easily find you in a fierce battle of wills. Relax, or perhaps blow off some steam in the bedroom. Plus, the fun really starts once Gemini season kicks off the next day. Once the sun enters this air sign companion’s realm, creative ideas flow wild and opportunities to flirt are plentiful. Enjoy this sexy spring magic.

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