Appointments: Governors, APC leaders, clerics and others keep vigil at Tinubu residence

Lobbying for appointments in the new administration has become intense after the return of the president-elect, tinubou ball to the country.

Naija News It had previously been reported that Tinubu returned to Nigeria on Monday after taking a break from political activities for more than a month.

Following Tinubu’s return to the country, All Progressives Congress (APC) leaders, ministers, outgoing governors, elected members of the National Assembly and clerics, among others, have besieged his home and defense house in Asokoro, Abuja, in the Maitama district of Abuja.

Due to the influx of people lobbying for stalls, security agents have taken over major points in the area, preventing unwanted visitors from parking anywhere near the president-elect’s official residence.

A source who spoke to the Daily Sun claimed that some of those lobbying for positions had previously traced Tinubu to Saudi Arabia, where he was billed to make a pilgrimage during the Ramadan season.

The source said, “Within days after the announcement of Tinubu’s itinerary, outgoing APC governors, senior government officials, pastors, imams, elected members of the National Assembly, ministers in the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, members of the APC Presidential Campaign Council , among others, hastily proceeded to Saudi Arabia, to lobby the president-elect into appointing juicy posts.

“Unfortunately, Tinubu’s planned trip to Saudi Arabia was canceled without any reason by his handlers. Those who had traveled to the Holy Land to await Tinubu’s arrival returned to Nigeria disappointed.”

Most lobbyists seek positions as cabinet members, aides to the president and his deputy, senior officials of the National Assembly, CEOs and board members of federal parastatals, in the CBN, Customs, foreign missions, oil, gas, maritime and aeronautical sectors.

The source further claimed that those who had worked for Tinubu’s victory said they did not want to leave their dividends to chance.

However, the top APC member did not reveal the names of those who booked flights to Saudi Arabia under the pretense of performing Umrah just to meet the president-elect.

Some senior government officials with their entourage of security aides were stranded and locked out of the president-elect’s residence on Tuesday.

The source stated, “They resorted to keeping vigils in the surrounding area, hoping to somehow reach Tinubu or his close allies who might help their cause.”

Among those waiting in their vehicles were ministers, elected members of the National Assembly, priests and imams, and members of APC NWC.

Tinubu is expected to constitute his cabinet before the end of July 2023, due to the new law signed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

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