Apple could move part of iPad production to India

Apple could move part of iPad production to India

Future iPads could be made in India according to CNBC.

Two sources close to the Indian government say Apple is currently in talks with officials to move some iPad production out of China. However, the change will not be an easy task as India lacks a highly skilled workforce with experience in building advanced devices like the iPad. Furthermore, the rising tensions between India and China could put Apple in a difficult position.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple recently accelerated plans to shift production from China to India and Vietnam. Apple has also added a second iPhone 14 supplier in India as it struggles to make enough iPhones for the holiday season. Analysts predict a quarter of iPhone production could move to India by 2025. Nikkei Asia claimed in October that some AirPods and Beats headphones will be made in India starting next year.

Source: CNBC

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