An influencer called out followers who labeled her out of touch when she complained about having a bad day.

  • Australian influencer Anna Paul told TikTok that she had a bad day and wanted to talk about it.
  • She received some backlash from a handful of commenters who referred to her as insider.
  • Paul revealed that he has been facing a number of personal struggles, despite being “financially stable”.

Australian influencer Anna Paul has hit back at commenters who called her insider after posting about having a bad day, saying she’s been dealing with a number of difficult issues that she hasn’t shared with the public.

On April 20, Paul, who usually posts lifestyle content and vlogs, shared a video montage of clips taken throughout his day, adding a voiceover explaining how he was feeling at the time.

“Today for me was just one of those days, so I’m going to tell you about it. I don’t usually talk about the bad days and stuff in my life. I usually do happy voiceovers because I know you guys look at my life. to be happy if you’re sad,” he said.

Paul went on to say that he fell during a riding lesson that day, but that wasn’t the reason he was struggling emotionally. Later in the day, he said that he lay in bed because he was feeling “really sad,” and briefly mentioned that some of his family members were experiencing health problems that concerned him.

“I know I’m someone who is always happy online, but I want to show you that being sad is just as normal as being happy,” she said.

The vast majority of comments on Paul’s post, which received 4.4 million views, were supportive. Many people thanked the influencer for giving them an honest review of her day and sent her well wishes, hoping that she would start to feel better over time.

However, some commenters said they thought that as a lifestyle influencer who normally posts about lavish experiencesPaul has little to be angry about compared to people who are struggling financially.

“Rich people being sad is my favorite content,” wrote one user.

Later that same day, Paul posted a follow up videospecifically responding to a negative comment, which now appears to have been deleted, which read: “Why the hell do you have to be sad? You literally live in a bubble. This is such a frustrating video indeed.”

Paul addressed the comment by explaining that he had recently been dealing with some difficult situations in his personal life, including the loss of a friend and the experience of supporting a loved one with terminal cancer.

“This was a frustrating video for you, because why? Because I’m financially stable? Because I drive a nice car?” she said.

Paul went on to say that she deliberately doesn’t post about her difficult experiences because she doesn’t want to upset her followers. “I don’t come here like, ‘hey guys, another cancer update, you have another two months to live, can you believe it?'”

Commenters were quick to support Paul saying they disagreed with the negative comment the user made, referring to him as “insensitive” and “ignorant”. Others said they felt Paul had every right to share his thoughts on having a bad day, and that influential people are just as susceptible to bad days as everyone else.

“Influencers are also real people with real feelings and a life off screen,” wrote one user.

In recent months and in response to rising cost of livingInfluencers who post about their lavish lifestyles are increasingly being criticized and accused of being unaware of the difficulties many people face.

In April, a British influencer who posted a video about buying her first home was accused of being insensitive to millions of people struggling to pay rent in light of the ongoing UK cost of living crisis.

Paul, who has 6.6 million followers on TikTok, is also one of Australia’s top OnlyFans creators and as of August, aware a TikTok depicting “a day in the life” of a sex worker, which quickly became her most viral video and has currently been viewed 40 million times.

In September, Paul became the subject of a viral controversy. when their meet and greet event descended into chaos and was shut down by the police, prompting fans to share clips of fights and disorderly crowds at the event on TikTok.

Paul’s representatives did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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