Amy Robach told Reese Witherspoon she had ‘plot’ ideas on ‘The Morning Show’ months before her relationship with TJ Holmes went public.

  • An interview from October shows Amy Robach telling Reese Witherspoon that she has ideas for “The Morning Show.”
  • Robach’s relationship with “GMA3” co-host TJ Holmes became public about two months later.
  • A source previously told Insider that the “GMA” staff is “upset” about the romance.

In an interview resurfaced on “Good Morning America,” Amy Robach told Reese Witherspoon that she had ideas for “plots” for the Apple TV+ drama “The Morning Show.”

The interview took place at the beginning of October, about photos from two months ago were published by the Daily Mail on November 30 showing Robach and his “GMA3: What You Need To Know” co-host TJ Holmes holding hands and traveling together.

During the interview in question, Witherspoon asked the GMA hosts if they liked the show and if it was “a bit touching.”

Robach said that he loved drama that takes viewers behind the scenes of all the politics and drama of a morning news show.

“We could give you a few more frames if you’d like,” he said.

Witherspoon laughed and asked Robach to “send me an email, girl!”

Robach and Holmes have co-hosted “GMA3” since Holmes joined the show in September 2020. by Term.

“I think a lot of people are shocked but not super surprised,” said a source, who preferred to remain anonymous but whose identity and links to “Good Morning America” ​​were verified by Joi-Marie McKenzie and Libby Torres from Insidersaid about the possible relationship between Holmes and Robach.

The source added that the couple were “very close” on and off the set of their show, which is also hosted by Dr. Jennifer Ashton.

TJ Holmes, wearing a blue suit, smiles as he stands with his partner "GMA" Host Amy Robach, wearing a yellow blazer and skirt, on stage.

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach in 2022.

Noam Galai/Getty Images

Insider’s source said Friday that ABC employees “are a little upset” about Holmes and Robach’s relationship.

“Honestly, they have an air of entitlement,” the source added. “People are waiting for an explanation because we are just as confused as the rest of the world.”

Robach has been married to former “Melrose Place” actor Andrew Shue since February 2010, as Reported by People.

Holmes married his wife Marilee Fiebig in March 2010. by a Facebook post wrote for its 10th anniversary in 2020.

Both parties are reportedly separated from their spouses, people reported.

“These were two consenting adults who were separated. They both broke up with their spouses in August within weeks of each other,” a source said. Stephanie Wenger and Joelle Goldstein told People’s. “The relationship didn’t start until after that.”

Holmes and Robach were temporarily taken off the air as hosts of “GMA 3” effective Dec. 5 due to the “distraction” their relationship caused both internally and publicly, ABC News president Kim Godwin said. nbc news on Monday. Their relationship reportedly does not violate the policy.

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