Allbirds Tree Runners and Tree Skippers have lasted us years without losing their shape. This is what sets them apart from other Allbirds shoes.

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Allbirds’ minimalist sneakers have become a favorite shoe for many, especially those who travel to places like Silicon Valley and Wall Street. There’s a lot of buzz around its universal practicality and comfort, so with the addition of the Allbirds Tree CollectionWe decided to check out the Allbirds Tree Runners and Tree Skippers.

we have tried all the birds before, and our team unanimously feels that they are pretty much the most comfortable shoes out there (as seen in our opinions about Wool loungers, fleece joggersand runner-up mizzles). And we’re not alone: ​​An Insider survey showed that Allbirds was one of our readers’ favorite brands they discovered while reading our reviews.

There are many reasons why people like these shoes beyond how comfortable they are. They’re also relatively affordable (from $95 to $154 a pair) and easy to clean with a simple spin in the washing machine. But for some, the biggest draw is the fact that the company maintains a deep and unwavering commitment to sustainability.

The brand further expanded on this commitment in early 2018 by introducing an even more sustainable pair of shoes made from trees, or more specifically, a textile engineered from eucalyptus pulp.

The materials


Allbirds in a limited edition blue color (since replaced by navy blue).

all the birds

According all the birdsThis material uses 95% less water and cuts your carbon footprint in half compared to traditional shoe materials.

Naturally, considering that the prices of merino wool they have been rising steadily, we wondered if the production of these shoes was intended to offset the higher production cost of their wool line. After all, Allbirds is beloved in part because its shoes have been consistently and reasonably priced from the start. But the brand assured us that the idea for new sustainable textiles had been in the works since even before they released their original Runners in 2016.

We spoke to the founders of all the birds, Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger, who told Insider that they have always envisioned Allbirds as a sustainable materials innovation company. “For us, it was about creating a brand that challenges the status quo and redefines what it means to do ‘better’.”

The styles of the Tree collection


all the birds

The line, aptly named “Tree collection”, is made up of six styles, including the runners and Loungers we already know and love, a couple they call the patternswhich are similar to a boat sneaker, and a high top Top-hat sneakers

The material creates a cooling effect by absorbing moisture, making them perfect for summer. The composition of the insoles has remained constant, so you can still expect the same level of comfort as your classic pairs. He women’s styles come in up to 11 colors, and the men styles they come in up to 12 colors.

As longtime fans of the brand, our team had the opportunity to all the birds to review the tree corridors and tree jumpers. Read on for a breakdown of each of our experiences with the styles (spoiler alert: they’re still really, In fact excellent).

Here are our initial reviews of the Tree Runner and Tree Skipper, plus updates after almost three years of use:

navy runner

Allbirds Tree Runners in a discontinued Kauri Navy colorway

all the birds

Mara Leighton, Senior Reporter at Insider Reviews:

March 2018 review: Allbirds is one of my favorite companies to buy from because they have always exceeded expectations for comfort, quality, and style. In other words, they have earned my trust as a valued purchase. I don’t feel bad spending money on a new pair of shoes from them because I know I’ll wear them until they’re on the brink of disintegration, and I’ll be glad every time I put them on. It sounds like an exaggeration, but they really are that comfortable.

check the Allbirds Tree Runners in Navy Night, which is actually a nice dark teal in person (less bright than a true teal) and once again, Allbirds have exceeded my expectations. They’re incredibly comfortable, the silhouette is flattering and form-fitting, and I love the soft yet textured upper. The stylistic contrast of the chunky laces is a really nice touch, and the semi-dull color means they go with basically anything.

The sole feels familiar (it’s the same wool-lined, structured insole found in my Loungers) and supportive, but the upper is still more breathable than my other pairs.

While I wouldn’t buy Allbirds if they weren’t constantly making the most comfortable shoes I own, I also love that they use sustainable materials (and encourage innovation). They feel ridiculously good, and any conscious consumer can feel good about buying them.

March 2021 update: Three years after trying them, they are still my favorite touring shoes and my favorite pair of Allbirds. They’re comfortable, remarkably refreshing, and perfect for all-day wear. The navy blue has held up well over time, showing negligible signs of wear after semi-frequent use.

Allbirds_2057_Shot_2_RoseTreeSkipper_W_0289 (1)

The pink patterns are no longer available, but Allbirds has released several neutrals to take their place.

all the birds

Connie Chen, Senior Reporter at Insider Reviews:

March 2018 review: I wear my Allbirds Wool Runners regularly and am always more than happy to rave about how wonderfully comfortable they are to anyone who is curious, so I was excited to learn about this new style from one of my favorite brands. Wanting to feel the summer, I opted to check out the Allbirds Treejumpersthat are a modern version of the classic boat shoe.

Once again, Allbirds amazing materials have proven to be successful. He would never have guessed that the fabric was made from eucalyptus pulp, but it provides an interesting and eye-catching texture that is more unique than a traditional boat shoe. Eucalyptus is known for its cooling properties, so I appreciate that the Tree Skippers offer the perfect casual look for summer while also keeping my feet cool in hot weather. Stone’s neutral sandy color (color is no longer available) reminded me of the beach and can really go with any color you wear on top.

As Mara said, putting the shoe on felt smooth and familiar, as it has the same wool-lined insole and heel cup as Allbirds’ other offerings. I’m also almost certain that Tree Skippers are more comfortable than Tree Runners, which is an impressive feat.

March 2021 update: My universal test for whether a pair of shoes is really comfortable and supportive is how they feel when I wear them to a music festival. These all day events are the ultimate battleground and involve a lot of walking, standing and dancing – my Tree Skippers have passed the test time and time again. I like that they look even more casual than regular sneakers, which is why you’ll often find me wearing the Tree Skippers on the weekends, regardless of the season.

However, over the years of reviewing Allbirds, I have found that the Tree Skippers are more finicky to care for, perhaps because there is less material and they have a thinner sole than the Tree Runners. I find that mesh knit material is not as strong as wool and is prone to shrinking and warping slightly, so I would recommend getting a darker color or be very careful drying them after washing.


New colors for men’s Skippers include plenty of neutrals and some more fun options like bright yellow and blue.

all the birds

David Slotnick, senior transportation reporter:

March 2018 review: “I checked the Tree Jumper on Kauri Stone (color no longer available), and I think I’ve found the perfect shoe for summer. They feel like a combination of a boat shoe and a sneaker – I’ve never found the former very comfortable, but sneakers can be hot or restrictive during the summer. These are lightweight, breathable, and to my delight, feel like a nice, properly supported shoe that would be equally suited for walking around town on vacation, wearing on the way to the beach, or out on a boat. I can tie my shoelaces to keep them on while walking, even if I’m walking fast or running, although I can take them off without untying them if I want to.

Shop all the styles in the Allbirds Tree collection here.

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