Ali Wong says she and co-star Steven Yeun ‘broke out in hives’ after filming their new Netflix series ‘Beef’

  • Ali Wong and Steven Yeun attend an audience Q&A after the premiere of their Netflix series “Beef” at SXSW.
  • Wong said that filming the series “took a toll on them”, but they are happy to have done the project.
  • “Our bodies shut down,” Yeun said.

Ali Wong says she and Steven Yeun got hives after filming their upcoming Netflix series “Beef.”

The audience at South by Southwest saw the world premiere of “Beef” on Saturday, followed by a question and answer session with Wong and Yeun. The series follows the aftermath of a road rage incident between Danny Cho (Yeun) and Amy Lau (Wong). According Varietyan audience member asked the couple how they relaxed after filming the anger-filled scenes.

“Our bodies shut down,” Yeun said.

“Steven and I broke out in hives after the show. Mine was on my face. His was all over his body because he’s that weak,” Wong said. “He definitely affected us, but we didn’t even realize it until after the show ended. I mean, I won’t even talk about what happened to your elbow.”

According to Wong, neither actor anticipated the visceral reaction, reports Variety.

“I don’t think we knew that was going to happen,” Wong said. “If we had known what we were going to put our bodies and minds through, maybe we wouldn’t have said yes, but we’re very glad we did.”

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South by Southwest began on March 10 and continues through March 19. Several highly anticipated movies and series debuted at the festival, including “Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves“Donald Glover”Swarm,” and “rise of the wicked dead.”

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