After 1 year of marriage, the lady discovers that the husband is sleeping with his father (Video)

A lady has been totally devastated when she finds out that her husband is having a love affair With his father.

According to the lady, she had married her husband at the early age of 19; however, she had no idea that her father and her husband were gay.

The lady’s husband and father have an affair

Years later, after getting pregnant by her man, she found out about her sexual orientation and also discovered that she had been infected with HIV.

She counted:

“Imagine being 20 years pregnant with your first baby and finding out you are HIV positive and your husband sleeping with your dad.

“I got married at 19 to a 36-year-old man. I found out he was gay and he gave me HIV. I found out pregnant with my daughter.

“I have been trying to find myself and help other people who have been used and abused by men. I found out that my husband and real father was playing while we were married.”

Look the following video:



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