“African parents should normalize hugging and tell their children they are loved” – Broda Shaggi

popular Comedian, broda shaggi has urged African parents to be more loving to their children by hugging them and telling them how much they are loved.

According to him, he would love it if his future children woke up every morning and told him that they love him. And she can’t wait to draw them into a hug so they can hear his heartbeat.

He said it’s important for parents to show love to their children at a young age, not when they’re adults and off to college.

shaggi wrote:

“African parents, please hug your children! love them…it matters a lot!

I don’t know when pikin won to enter the university, you’re going to give my first hug

I definitely want my future kids to say “daddy I love you” every time they wake up. I can’t wait to draw you so close to my heart that you will hear every beat that comes from my heart.

Normalize telling your kids how much you love them.”



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