Adeleke and Oyetola teams argue over looting allegations

Osun State Governor Senator Ademola Adeleke said on Wednesday that it is utterly evil of Ismail Omipidan, a media aide to outgoing state Governor Gboyega Oyetola, to try to divert looting to security agencies. innocent who, according to him. Oyetola handed over the goods that were looted naked.

The governor, speaking through his spokesman Olawale Rasheed in a statement in Osogbo, added that it was also an aberration in a democratic climate for an outgoing government to seek to hand over security agencies instead of the incoming administration.

However, he commented that just days after Mr. Ismail Omipidan’s boss, Funke Egbemode, admitted that there was looting during the Oyetola administration, it is sad that there is an attempt to blame the Department of the State Security Service and the security service. policeman.

Olawale argued that “three high-ranking officials from the previous administration spoke about the looting and it became clear that two of them, Sunday Akere and Ms Egbemode, admitted to the looting because they are fed up with propaganda and lying to the public. The third in his usual misleading way, almost a week later, he came up with a hogwash story, smearing DSS and the Police.”

“The latest propaganda attempt is an afterthought of a thief being caught in the act by Osun people, the real owners of the assets. The video evidence is everywhere and the story was recorded against a team that proved to be unpopular in every way.”

Earlier, former Osun Governor Adegboyega Oyetola’s media aide Ismail Omipidan accused state governor Ademola Adeleke’s men of looting Government House, Osogbo.

The spokesman for the former governor who made the accusation while speaking to reporters in Osogbo on Wednesday argued that the looting accusation was not only ridiculous but sarcastic, as it was intended to tarnish the respectable image of its director.

Omipidan criticized Adeleke and his men for failing to protect all the items that the Oyetola administration had bequeathed to them, as well as asking why it took them 72 hours after they had formally seized the property before presenting a hateful accusation of pillage.

He claimed that all items allegedly taken were intact at the time of delivery, saying “if there was any looting as claimed by agents of the new government, then we should look in their direction.”

According to him, “it was impious for Adeleke’s puppets to have sounded the empty alarm about an unlawful action carried out by them, saying that it is on record that the new government took possession of Government House one day before Ademola Adeleke’s inauguration. . ”

Omipidan, who described his director as a man of impeccable character, asked: “How the hell would any sensible person accuse you of stealing such cheap things like spoons, denatured alcohol, pots and emptying the first aid kit?”

He said that his client stopped sleeping in Government House on Saturday, November 19, 2022, and by November 26, 2022, an inventory was carried out in the company of DSS officials attached to Government House at that time and security operatives. attached to the new governor, particularly A. Umale and Pius Akpan.

According to Omipidan, in the DSS report dated November 26, 2022, and entitled: “INVENTORY OF ITEMS IN THE GOVERNOR’S AND PRESIDENTIAL LODGES OF THE OSUN STATE”, it is reported that, “On November 26, 2022, around At 2:00 p.m., a team from the Protocol Department, Osun State Governor’s Office, Abere, led by Mr. Falode, in the company of two (2) officials from the Department of State Services (DSS), to Namely, Usman Adediran and Sunday Posu, painstakingly took inventory of items at the aforementioned locations.

“After that, the items were handed over to A. Umale and Pius Akpan, DSS staff and security details of the new governor, Ademola Adeleke, without any complaint.

“It is most noteworthy that nothing suggests that any of the elements of the buildings were taken, as they were all intact at the time of delivery.

“Attached herewith is a list of items in both buildings. And they went further by listing the articles one by one, covering 8 pages. In inventory, items listed include: Large 6-Side Gas Range with Oven and Kenstar 4-Side Range with Oven, among others.

“It is therefore ridiculous to accuse my director of taking the spoons, the pot and the methylated spirits. From the above, if there was any looting as claimed by the agents of the new government, then we should look in its direction.

“They cannot take over and then come to raise the alarm 72 hours after there was looting in the same place where they held their inauguration party on Sunday, November 27.”


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