Actress Huma Qureshi Came Braless to Prime Video’s ‘Dahaad’ Screening, Compared to Urfi Javed

Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi came to the screening from Sonakshi Sinha’s ‘Dahad’ web series. Where she wore a stunning white dress. Sonakshi and Huma’s friendship on the red carpet was worth seeing. Both were seen posing together in front of the camera. Huma kissed Sonakshi in front of everyone. The union of both looked very good. a new friendship has started in the halls of Bollywood. The interesting thing is that everyone’s eyes were fixed on Huma at Sonakshi’s party. Huma’s appearance is being discussed a lot.

Huma compared to Urfi Javed

People on social media have started offending Huma for her dress without a bra. See photos in slideshow:

One user wrote, Huma should learn to dress from Sonakshi. On the other hand, some people said that Huma has deliberately used such clothes so that he can take the spotlight from Sonakshi.

Someone said that Huma has started to expose more. Someone compared Huma with Urfi Javed. Looking at people’s comments, it’s clear that people aren’t liking Huma’s glamorous look.

Sonakshi’s ‘Dahaad’ to be released on May 12 on Prime Video

Watch Sonakshi Sinha as a Police Officer in Dahaad Web Series Online on Amazon Prime Video

Let us tell you that Huma has created a different place in Bollywood with her excellent acting. She has worked in the movie ‘Double XL’ with Sonaksha Sinha.

This movie of both of them was very much liked by people and from there Huma and Sonakshi’s friendship started and we got to see how deep their friendship is at the screening of Sonakshi Sinha’s web series’Dahaad‘.

With the OTT debut, Dahaad by actress Sonakshi Sinha will be released on Amazon Prime Video, the release date is said to be May 12.

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