Actress Celina Jaitly shares a touching note for dad

indian actress celina jaitley has shared a touching note for his father, Colonel Vikram Kumar Jaitly, on social media.

Look what Celina Jaitly wrote in a note:

“Dear dad, there is a city in my heart where you are the only population! I look a lot like my father, Colonel Vikram Kumar Jaitly, when he was just a 21-year-old lieutenant. At the young age of 21, he nearly lost his right leg in the 1971 Indo-Pak (Bangladesh Liberation) war from gunshot and grenade wounds. His beautiful body was torn with shrapnel wounds, he had a torn eardrum and he never gained the ability to play hockey and tennis as well as before. But he served his country until the day he died, commanded troops, fought insurgency, terrorism and suffered psychological and physical war wounds all his life…in silence”.

Photos shared by actress Celina Jaitly via twitter

“Being an infantry officer, he was always away serving unfamiliar stations, but he never gave up his duty as a father. Being his daughter is probably because I did something good in a past life. In each life I hope that he will be my father again…. Thanks dad…I woke up thinking about you…missing you.”

Photos shared by actress Celina Jaitly via twitter

“Dear Celina @CelinaJaitly, that’s a touching note…I believe all daughters are their parents’ favorites…my thoughts and prayers are with you…wherever she is, I wish her peace and happiness…much love. 🙏💕🙏” one commented.

Giving an answer Celina wrote “Thank you very much sir, the fact that this note has reached and touched your blessed heart makes me now truly believe that the Universe is listening to me and taking my words to my beloved father wherever he is. Thank you for his kind words, sir, much love and eternal respect always… ”.

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