A zoo in England is hiring a seagull deterrent worker who has to wear a giant bird costume. He says the ad “broke the internet” and received hundreds of requests.

  • A zoo in England is hiring a seagull deterrent worker to wear a giant bird costume to scare away seagulls.
  • Blackpool Zoo said the application has “broken the internet”, receiving hundreds of applicants.
  • The job requires an outgoing person who is also “an excellent flapper,” the zoo told Insider.

Seagulls, watch out: there’s a new big bird in town.

After The British zoo published a seagull deterrent paper which requires workers to wear a giant bird costume to scare away seagulls, the app went viral, receiving hundreds of enthusiastic applicants.

Blackpool Zoo’s advertising agency told Insider that the position has “broken the internet”, leading to more than 200 applications – and counting – from around the world. Now, they are moving forward with the hiring process and hope to welcome new members to the team in the coming weeks.

The position requires an attractive and friendly disposition, the zoo said.

“They must be outgoing as if this week is anything to go by many people will be walking up to them for pictures. Lively, energetic, funny and most importantly an excellent flapper, he will be at the top of the list for Essential elements”. during interviews,” the zoo added.

Blackpool Zoo, located less than three miles off the coast of the Irish Sea, created the gull deterrent position after facing ongoing problems with gulls stealing food from visitors and certain fish-loving animals such as penguins. , pelicans and sea lions.

The zoo tried eagle-shaped kites and “large statues of various birds of prey” to scare away seagulls, but to no avail.

One season Blackpool even used the zoo’s trained birds of prey to scare away seagulls, during which they “patrolled the skies around the zoo trying to deter them”.

Now, they hope the gull deterrent team can get the job done.

“The disguise is something the gulls will not have seen before, and as intelligent birds, they naturally won’t like it,” the zoo said. “The costume also makes a sound when the person moves, which is another thing seagulls don’t like.”

Applications are still open, but there seems to be a lot of competition for the job. Bird enthusiasts are encouraged to apply.

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