A woman living in a Colorado town with 27 people thought it was a “scam” when she learned she won $250,000 in the lottery

  • A Colorado woman won a $250,000 Scratch-Off lottery prize.
  • Joanie L thought she was being scammed because she was notified by mail.
  • She said “everyone will know” that she won because she lives in a small town with less than 30 people.

A Colorado woman recently won $250,000 in a lottery Scratch-Off, but thought she had been scammed after receiving a notice in the mail.

However, Joanie L. was “shocked” to learn it was legit when she arrived at a Fort Collins lottery claims center to pick up her prize after winning in the 100X Bonus Cash Draw, according to a draw by the Lottery of Colorado on March 10, 2023. Press release.

TO photo posted on Facebook by lottery officials shows the court worker from Cowdrey, Colorado, a town of about 27 people located in Jackson County, covering her face with her winning check. In Colorado, lottery winners cannot remain completely anonymous, therefore, officials reveal his first name in addition to his last initial.

“Although he hid his face for the photos, he said ‘everyone will know,'” according to the press release.

Joanie, a routine lottery player, said the most she ever won was $500, according to the news release. She plans to start a trust fund with her new fortune. The Colorado Lottery noted that she “is considering purchasing more alpacas.”

According to the lottery website, bonus scratch off drawings give players with a non-winning ticket another chance. In a comment on their Facebook post, officials said they do a bonus draw once a month.

“People don’t realize it until we arrive at their door with a big check or contact them by phone, email or certified mail,” the comment read.

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