A tour of a dirty, litter-filled house, featured on TikTok as ‘three boys living alone’, has left viewers utterly horrified.

  • A TikToker video of an extremely messy house full of trash has gone viral on multiple platforms.
  • The user who posted the video captioned it: “Trigger warning: three boys living alone.”
  • While viewers reacted with revulsion, house tours have become a somewhat popular subgenre on TikTok.

Viewers are absolutely shocked by a tik tok video showing a house full of garbage, bottles of alcohol, dirty dishes and clutter scattered on all surfaces. The description of the video, which has gone viral on both TikTok and Twitter, claims that it is the product of “three children living alone.”

The video, posted by user @samsspiralintoinsanity in late April, slowly panned through various rooms of the house for people to soak up the chaos. It has been viewed almost 800,000 times on the platform, however, On twitterthe tour has been viewed more than 13.5 million times.

As shown in the viral clip, the table and floor in the room were littered with empty bottles, cups, and food containers; one wall was pierced with holes; a pan with leftover food left on the stove with a fly buzzing on it; dirty dishes stacked unevenly in the sink; a garbage bag lay in a corner; one window blinds were broken in the middle and hanging off the top; and a pair of socks sat sadly in a bathtub.

@Samsspiralintoinsanity then showed a very organized shelf that seemed to house several handles of vodka neatly stacked on top of each other. The location of the video is tagged as High Point, a city in North Carolina.

Comments on the original video are full of people surprised that someone could live in such a messy state, while others said they personally visited houses that looked like this. Viewers assumed that the “three boys who lived alone” were of college age.

The consensus was that this is a completely appalling and inappropriate way of life.

“I could never not care so much about myself,” wrote one commenter.

“This is so annoying,” another viewer added.

“I would never feel safe in this house,” wrote another.

TikTok was then shared on Twitter this month, where it has gone even more viral. A tweet calling it “one of the most awesome TikToks” user @joker_misato has ever seen received nearly 30,000 likes and generated a new wave of surprise reactions and witty criticism from residents.

“The fly buzzing around the pan full of plastic forks… poetry to me,” @joker_misato wrote.

This isn’t the first time a chaotic home tour has gone viral on TikTok. Has been so many over the years, usually frat houses, which is practically become its own subgenre on the platform. While nowhere near the messiness of this most recent house tour, influencer Alix Earle fans surprised in march by letting them see the unkempt mess he also lives in with his roommates.

While most commentators are horrified, some are brave enough to admit that they, too, have lived this way.

“It’s like I’m suddenly 18 again,” one person wrote in the @samsspiralintoinsanity video. “I don’t miss this lmao.”

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