A TikToker video of a birthday prank blew up. She is now forced to defend her marriage as viewers label her husband’s prank a ‘red flag’.

  • A TikToker posted a video of her husband smashing a cake in her face on their son’s first birthday.
  • Some users accused the husband of insensitivity, while others said the TikToker was wrong.
  • TikToker urged viewers not to make assumptions and to “be nice” with their comments.

A woman has defended a video of her husband smashing a cake in her face after viewers said they were convinced it showed he was a bad match.

“The time I wanted to strangle my husband”, a TikTok user from Tampa, Florida called candi mulroy captioned a video posted on May 2, which showed the couple singing happy birthday to their then-1-year-old son Robert. Towards the end of the video, Mulroy’s husband took the cake and appeared to attempt to give his wife some, before abruptly smashing it in her face.

Mulroy has since said in a subsequent TikTok posted that the incident took place about a year ago, and she posted the video thinking it was fun to look back on, adding that the family has “moved on” ever since. However, in the caption of her original post, she mentioned that she was upset at the time because she was looking forward to taking family photos at her son’s party, but they didn’t end up taking any together because she had to. shower to wash. the cake itself.

“I cried like a baby over lost memories,” her caption continued.

The video blew up and received 6.8 million views compared to his previous videos, which were viewed a few thousand times.

As the clip spread, it also caused controversy. Some commenters have turned on Mulroy’s husband, accusing him of insensitive behavior, with some expressing outrage and referring to his actions as a “red flag,” a term used to highlight a negative sign usually associated with behavior. of a person in a relationship.

Some commentators even suggested that Mulroy should consider separating from her husband. “Being humbled and finding joy in it is enough to leave,” one user wrote.

Other commenters jumped to the defense of Mulroy’s husband, saying they thought he was clearly joking and trying to have fun. They also accused Mulroy of being “dramatic” in her caption, suggesting that her upset reaction was blown out of proportion.

While most commenters seemed to take sides, showing support for Mulroy or her husband over the video, some said they didn’t think it was their place to weigh in and urged Mulroy not to pay attention to online speculation.

“Don’t throw away your entire relationship by following the advice of strangers on tiktok. Sometimes guys just don’t get it. He just didn’t get it,” wrote one user.

In his comments section, Mulroy pleaded with viewers not to leave hateful comments, writing that they “were weighing on me and my family.”

in a follow up mail on May 6, where he addressed the controversy, he said he had been struggling to “keep up” with the intense online backlash his post received.

“This thing has just become an animal of its own and has just taken off,” he said.

Mulroy defended her husband, saying that while the couple sometimes faces relationship problems “just like any other couple,” the criticism is unfounded. “He is by no means a shitty father. He is a very good dad,” she said.

She also defended herself against people who suggested she was exaggerating or acting “entitled” with her comments, saying she thinks she had good reason to be upset about the incident. She explained that she previously had trouble conceiving, but when she had a son, she was so excited for her first birthday and she was upset that she didn’t receive any pictures of the day. She also said that she felt embarrassed to have the cake on her face in front of the crowd and her husband’s relatives whom she had not seen before.

He urged commenters to “be nice” and not read their emotions or intentions behind the video’s post, saying, “I didn’t post it a year later because I’m still having issues with it.”

Mulroy did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

On TikTok, videos posted by couples often go viral and can sometimes cause major controversy when viewers spot what they believe to be “red flags” between them. Commenters have been known to intensely analyze a person’s behavior or body language in a viral video to back up their theories about whether they are a good match.

In April, a british tiktoker defended her partner of hate online after she posted a photo of him watching sports while she was in labor, leading viewers to suggest he didn’t care. Last year, a college couple also faced intense scrutiny online. via a video of them reuniting after a few months apart. Commenters suggested that the boyfriend’s body language in the clip showed that he was uncomfortable, and this led to theories that he was cheating on her, which the couple said was completely untrue.

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