A TikToker exposed her ex-boyfriend’s highly altered Tinder photo, but viewers are impressed with her photo-editing skills and are requesting her services.

  • A TikToker noticed that her ex-boyfriend’s Tinder photo was doctored because she took the original photo.
  • The video exposing the issue has gone mega viral, racking up more than 13 million views in five days.
  • “I think he’s handsome with and without the filters,” she said of her ex.

A 21-year-old from Manchester has left commenters ‘screaming’ for revealing what she proclaims to be her ex-boyfriend’s photo editing habits.

in the clipViewed more than 13 million times in five days, TikToker Beth Leah showed off two images in a slideshow: one from the original, which she claimed to have taken from her ex, and another that appeared on her Tinder profile.

The latter shows a noticeably more chiseled face, with lines on his face that seem to soften. The lighting and shadows on her face also appear to be altered in the two images.

“POV: You see your ex on Tinder with a photo you took of him, but he’s done a lot of airbrushing,” she wrote in on-screen text. on his viral TikTok.

Edited TikTok Photos

The before and after photo was allegedly edited.

Screenshot/TikTok – bethleah_

(Note: The two photos appear to be two separate photos that were taken, with her arm positioned differently in each. Leah told Insider that she took multiple photos in a batch tonight and had only saved one of the original ones.)

In his TikTok description, Leah wrote that the “poor girls” who match him are “going to gut themselves when they see the real deal.”

Initially, people were gobsmacked that she had the guts to take out her ex like that. “The way she just blew me away,” reacted one of the top commenters. “YOU DID IT VERY DIRTY HAHAHAHA,” another exclaimed.

However, the comments section quickly took a positive turn, as many others thought the face editing was fantastic and are quite impressed with your editing eye.

“Can you ask him to leave a tutorial because his skills are amazing?” said one of the main comments.

“That’s a good edit because I’m questioning if it’s him or just a coincidence they dressed alike and went to the same place,” another person wrote.

Strangers even ask you to help them with their own photo editing. “I’ll pay you $10 to change my photos,” said one comment with 53,000 likes.

Leah told Insider that there is “no hate” towards her ex-boyfriend at all. She initially posted it to make her inner group of friends laugh.

“I don’t hate him or anything,” Leah said. “It was just some kind of prank that I thought would be between our friends and then it seemed like everyone had seen it, and I was like, wow, that’s crazy.”

When she made the video, Leah had 100 followers, she said, and now she has more than 3,800.

Leah said a mutual friend told her that her ex had seen her viral video and had mixed feelings about it. (Insider has reached out to him.)

She said she likely made the edits using FaceApp, which she said she used “in a goofy way” such as using the app’s filters to look like an old man. Today, it seems that she has honed her skills.

Leah reiterated that aside from a cheeky joke, she thinks her ex is still pretty good looking.

“I think he’s handsome with and without the filters,” he said.

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