A Teenager Revealed Her Homemade Cinderella-Inspired Prom Dress On Stage And TikTok Users Approve It

  • 18-year-old TikToker @satellite4moon posted a video in her homemade prom dress.
  • The teen spun around in a brown dress before revealing a Cinderella-inspired blue gown.
  • The video, which has 5.7 million views, is among a growing trend of handmade prom dresses on TikTok.

A teen posted a video revealing her homemade dress to TikTok on April 22, and users are in awe.

In the video, 18 year old TikToker @satellite4moon she can be seen walking onto the stage in a simple brown dress, before pulling a string as she spins to reveal a Cinderella-inspired blue satin gown underneath.

He Tik Tok it has over 5.7 million views and one million likes as of April 27, with users fawning over her transformative dress in the comments.

“Katniss Everdeen in real life,” read one comment with almost 30,000 likes. The comment references the iconic “mockingjay dress” in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” In the referenced scene, protagonist Katniss Everdeen, played by Jennifer Lawrence, twirls in her wedding dress that catches fire and transforms into an ashen gray gown .

In someone else’s comments video@satellite4moon confirmed that she “did everything” by herself.

As prom season approaches, other Gen Z TikTokers have been sharing videos of themselves making their own dresses.

Tik Toker @bluexviibes documented the entire manufacturing process in a videowhich has over 540,000 likes as of April 27.

From cutting the pattern out of the fabric to sewing on additional gemstones by hand, she showcased the effort that went into the project and reveals the homemade mermaid dress she prepared for prom.

Another TikToker @bleucouturee He took users behind the scenes of his project in six videos, from the unboxing of the fabric to the final reveal: a stunning silver skirt with a mermaid silhouette and gorgeous rhinestones on illusion fabric for the top half.

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