A strange trend labeled “chicken wars” is taking over TikTok, as farm owners proudly display their armies of birds, convinced they can win in a fight.

  • There’s been a strange competition between chicken owners on TikTok.
  • Users have been challenging each other to fight, accompanied by their “armies” of feathered friends.
  • The wholesome prank has now gone viral and is known as the “chicken war”.

On TikTok, a bizarre comedic competition that has been dubbed the “chicken war” has erupted in recent days, with pet owners showing off and comparing their flocks of chickens and bragging about who would “win,” presumably. in a hypothetical battle.

The online phenomenon appears to have started on May 27, when a user named @dylan_bezjack posted a video walking across a field with a flurry of chickens following behind him.

“You better watch out mate, me and my gang are about to kick some ass,” he can be heard saying in the clip.

Although the user did not appear to be targeting anyone in particular with the comedic video, several users sewing his mailchallenging the TikToker to a fight while backing him up with an army of his own chickens.

“Let’s go fucking boys” one the user said after drinking from a bottle, flanked by dozens of chickens walking behind him.

In the days that followed, the trend erupted into an all-out frenzy known as the “chicken war” and a hashtag because the phenomenon has now amassed 53 million views.

It has become a widespread inside joke among car owners. ranches and farmswho are debating which clan of chickens would be most likely to win in a real life battle.

Dozens of creators have joined, launching their own battle cries surrounded by huge crowds of chickens.

One user claimed to be the clear winner of the competition with his cohort of 4000 farm chickens, while another user seemed to organize his army of chickens to spell the word “war”, sharing a image of that and saying that the competition has “no hope” of beating him.

Commentators who have been watching the “chicken wars” from the sidelines say they have been greatly entertained by the creativity involved in the competition.

Some have been taking sides and endorsing certain creators who they believe have the biggest or scariest chicken infantry, and others have simply been showing appreciation for the concept of the trend, which they say shows more healthy TikTok side.

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