A person waits 72 hours in line to buy The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is arguably the biggest video game release of the year. You could even get off work or call in sick this Friday to spend as much time as possible in Hyrule. But some people are already waiting in line to get the Switch exclusive.

Meet Alex “Captain Nintendo Dude” Pekala, a YouTube personality who waits 72 hours outside the Nintendo store in New York City to purchase Tears of the Kingdom. According to Pekala’s tweet, she started camping for the launch at 10am ET on Tuesday, May 9, or 72 hours before she can pick up the game in store. nintendo life he also notes that Pekala was first in line for the Nintendo Switch launch in 2017, along with Breath of the Wild.

In her latest youtube vlog, Pekala revealed that he is not the first superfan who has already lined up for Tears of the Kingdom. According to Pekala, two men from Canada have already been waiting five days since May 9, which means they will finally be camping out for more than a week to collect Tears of the Kingdom.

Rest assured, these antics are not necessary. Tears of the Kingdom will be released digitally at 9pm PT on May 1112 AM ET on May 12. In fact, preload has already started for Link’s new adventure.

Meanwhile, GameSpot has a Breath of the Wild recap video to prepare you for Tears of the Kingdom. Also, Nintendo has finally confirmed Tears of the Kingdom will have dungeons.

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