A clip of Ben Affleck grumpily closing a car door for Jennifer Lopez is going viral, rekindling memes that believe he’s always in a bad mood.

  • A video of Ben Affleck closing Jennifer Lopez’s car door is going viral on social media.
  • Users have been saying that it fuels theories online that Affleck is constantly in a bad mood.
  • Affleck has previously been the subject of several memes that have framed him as sad or grumpy.

A clip of Ben Affleck and his wife Jennifer Lopez is going viral, as online users add to their theory that the actor is always in a bad mood.

He images was first uploaded on May 10 by celebrity news and video website The Hollywood Fix. It showed Affleck and Lopez walking to a car, with Affleck opening the door for Lopez. Once she got inside, Affleck seemed to slam the door shut with the wave of her arm, and as he walked to her side of the car, he looked up at the paparazzi cameraman, frowning.

The outlet captioned the clip “Ben Affleck slams the car door on Jennifer Lopez’s face while running errands in a bad mood,” on its YouTube channel.

Tik Tok and Twitter users They have since re-uploaded the clip to their respective platforms, where it has gone viral, receiving millions of cumulative views.

Several of these users have speculated the brief clip is somewhat an indication of the couple’s relationship, which adds to ongoing theories about their marriage that have thrived online although numerous positive statements that both celebrities have made about it.

Other users have argued that the shorten shows Affleck’s dislike for being followed by paparazzi.

“He just wants some privacy and to be treated like a normal human being. Why can’t people just say hi and have a good day without putting a camera and microphone in their faces?” an user wrote under version of the clip that has been viewed 29 million times on Twitter.

Many users have pointed outside that Affleck’s facial expressions have gone viral before, sparking memes of photos and videos in which he appears upset. In 2016, a photo of him smoking and frowning taken by paparazzi became a viral meme used by people who talk about tiredness and exhaustion.

The now-viral clip of Affleck and Lopez appears to have become the latest of the Affleck-related memes, and users have been comparing themselves to their perception of him in the clip, calling it to “cheer up” – an internet slang term used to refer to a person or action you can relate to – and say they relate to their seemingly constant bad mood.

Although online theories support the perception that Affleck is always in a bad mood, the actor stated in “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in March that is a “Common Misunderstanding” that he never has fun at events because he has a “resting face that looks very unhappy”.

Last year, in an interview with the LA Timesthe actor also addressed a very popular meme of his face during a 2016 press conference that became known as sad affleck saying that she found it “fun”, but worried about how it might affect her children.

“I mean, there’s no one who hasn’t felt that way on a trip. But then my kids see it and I’m like, ‘Oh, are they going to think that their dad is fundamentally sad or that they have to worry about me?’ That’s really hard.”

Jennifer Lopez sitting next to Ben Affleck at the 2023 Grammys

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the 2023 Grammys.

Johnny Nunez/Getty

Affleck has acted professionally since he was a child and rose to fame following the release of “Good Will Hunting” in 1997, which he co-wrote and starred in with Matt Damon. His most recent film appearance was in the biographical sports drama “Air,” where he played Phil Knight, the CEO of shoe brand Nike during his years of competing for relevance in the world of basketball before reaching a deal with Michael Jordan on his now. best-selling line of Air Jordan shoes.

In 2005, Affleck married fellow actress Jennifer Garner and the couple had three children together. They divorced in 2018, and Affleck married Lopez in July 2022, having originally dated her in the early 2000s after the two starred together in the 2001 comedy “Gigli.”

Representatives for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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