A 12-year-old Mississippi boy died while playing Russian roulette, police say

  • A 12-year-old boy apparently died playing Russian roulette in Mississippi, police said.
  • Two minors are charged with murder in connection with the case and an adult is charged as an accessory, police said.
  • Markelle Noah, 12, was found in an abandoned house in Jackson, Mississippi, according to police.

A boy died in Jackson, Mississippi, apparently after playing a game of Russian roulette, according to police.

Markelle Noah, 12, was found in an abandoned home in North Jackson on Friday, Jackson Police Department Deputy Chief Deric Hearn said in a statement according to wlbt. Noah had been reported missing before his body was found at the home, police said.

Russian Roulette is a dangerous and deadly game in which a player will place a bullet in the chamber of a revolver and spin the barrel before pointing the gun at himself or an opponent and pulling the trigger. The game was popular with members of the Tsarist Russian armies in the 1840s, according to Russia beyond.

According to police, two minors and a 21-year-old adult, all unnamed as of November 27, were arrested in connection with the case. Police said the two minors are being charged with murder and the 21-year-old is charged as an accessory after the fact to murder.

The Jackson Police Department released minimal information about the investigation and has not released the identity of the adult charged in the case.

The JPD did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment on Sunday.

The case is still under investigation, according to police.

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