5 Things WWE NXT Got Right Before The Deadline

This week, WWE NXT made the final version of their upcoming event titled Deadline for Saturday night. The creative team organized two Triple Threat Matches to determine who would be the last entrant in the men’s and women’s Iron Survivor Challenges, respectively.

Meanwhile, some superstars from the main roster showed up to surprise fans and created new rivalries. It will be interesting to see if the main roster superstars work on the brand for some time.

The rivalry between Indus Sher and The Creed Brothers also heated up on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, Dijak wasn’t ready to sit back and wait for a North American Championship shot.

Take a look at the five things WWE NXT got right in the episode before the deadline.

#5. Axiom qualified for the men’s Iron Survivor Challenge

Andre Chase, Axiom and Von Wagner battled it out to claim the final spot in the men’s Iron Survivor Challenge for WWE NXT Deadline. Wagner took control of the contest early and used his strength to defeat his opponents.

Axiom and Chase worked together for some time and landed a double suplex on Wagner before Axiom dove to the outside. All three men were impressive in the competition and used some great moves to keep the action going.

Axiom landed a standing moonsault on Chase before Wagner knocked them out of the ring. After trading a few good moves, Axiom hit the golden ratio. for the victory.

Many would have expected Wagner to get the win on Tuesday night. However, Axiom is the more experienced performer and deserves to compete in the big match on NXT Deadline. He will be among the favorites to get a surprise win on the show.

#4. Tony D’Angelo made a successful in-ring return on WWE NXT

The NXT Don returned to the ring.
The NXT Don returned to the ring.

Tony D’Angelo returned to the ring on WWE NXT after recovering from injury. He faced Xyon Quinn in a singles match on the show.

D’Angelo went on the attack early before Quinn rallied to hit him with some big shots in the corner. The Don regained control of the match, but Quinn leveled it with a Samoan Drop.

The two men traded a few moves before Tony caught Quinn and hit him with the Flatliner for the win. The match wasn’t entertaining, but fans finally got to see The Don back in the ring.

D’Angelo called Wes Lee after the match, and the North American Champion gladly answered his call. Dijak appeared to warn both men to keep his name out of their mouths before Stacks hit Lee with a kick.

It would be nice to see all three men compete in a Triple Threat Match for the North American Championship. They have very different fighting styles that could help them put on a good show.

#3. Drew Gulak appeared to monitor Charlie Dempsey

Charlie Dempsey was impressive against Hank Walker.
Charlie Dempsey was impressive against Hank Walker.

Hank Walker and Charlie Dempsey competed in a singles match on WWE NXT. The former tried to use his strength before Dempsey punished him with good claws and grabs.

Dempsey wore down his opponent on the canvas with his superior technical skills. This brought out the star of WWE RAW drew gulakwho closely observed the newcomer.

Dempsey blocked the Kimura Lock before going for a single-legged Boston Crab before picking up the win with a knee bar. The young man’s technical wrestling display was splendid.

For those who don’t know, Dempsey is the son of British legend William Regal. With rumors of Regal’s return to WWE circulating the internet, it’s nice to see him pick up a win on the show.

Gulak is a superior technical wrestler who is criminally underutilized by WWE. He could take Dempsey under his wing to create a new faction made up of superior technical fighters.

#two. Indi Hartwell became the final competitor of the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge

Fallon Henley, Wendy Choo and Indi Hartwell met in the latest WWE NXT match to determine who would qualify for the women’s Iron Survivor Challenge.

Indi had the power advantage in the match and used it well to take control early. She hit Henley with a big boot at ringside before stomping on Choo in the corner. Fallon Henley took control of the contest for some time, but was unable to eliminate any of his opponents.

Choo caught Henley with a brainbuster but was unable to get the pin. He hit a slingshot splash in the corner on Henley before Hartwell ejected Choo and he caught Henley on a running forearm for the win.

This was not the best game on the card, but the result was correct. Indi Hartwell has worked hard in NXT for years and she deserves some big opportunities.

Her heel turn helped her gain more prominence, and a strong showing at the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge on NXT Deadline could set her up for bigger tasks.

#1. New Day interrupted Pretty Deadly to set up a big match for WWE NXT Deadline

pretty deadly recited a Christmas poem dressed as Santa and an elf on WWE NXT. The tag team champions talked about how they were the best team on the roster and how no one could come close to them.

Kit Wilson and Elton Prince were interrupted by SmackDown New day immediately. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods asked them who would get a shot at the NXT Tag Team Championship on Deadline before booking a championship match for them.

A fight broke out between the two sides before New Day covered Pretty Deadly’s heads with gifts before removing them from the apron. He was a pleasant surprise to see New Day on the brand.

The duo have been unsuccessful in winning the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championship on SmackDown. Instead, they can win the NXT Tag Team Titles or give Pretty Deadly a good push at Deadline.

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