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By Alexandra Meeks, CNN

Those who dare to climb Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, must first receive a permit to prove they can ascend its steep and harsh slopes. So far a record 463 climbers have received permission to climb the mountain from the Nepal side, even as experts worry about dangerous overcrowding at the summit.

This is what else you need to know to Catch up and get on with your day.

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1. Severe weather

A storm system that already battered parts of the South this week with tennis ball-sized hail is now on track to bring most dangerous weather for the region today. Portions of southern Texas and southern Louisiana in the Florida Panhandle are at risk of scattered severe storms that will bring the triple threat of big hail, damaging winds and possible tornadoes, the Storm Prediction Center said. This comes after more than 60 reports of hail in the South on Wednesday, including hail approximately 4.5 inches in diameter in Bellmead, Texas, and 4 inches in Waco, Texas. Some communities along the Gulf Coast are also preparing for the possibility of flash flooding today with rain that will fall occasionally at 2 inches per hour.

2. triumph

Former President Donald Trump lost an emergency attempt to bar former Vice President Mike Pence from testifying about his direct conversations after the 2020 election. Trump has repeatedly tried and failed to shut down some responses from witnesses close to him in special counsel investigation. This latest order from the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit will likely usher in Pence’s grand jury testimony quickly, a development unprecedented in modern presidential history. Analysts say Pence’s testimony could potentially reveal details about his many conversations with Trump from Election Day to Jan. 6, when Trump and his allies pressured Pence to block congressional certification of the vote. Trump could try to appeal again or even press the issue in the Supreme Court.

3. Rights of transgender people

A transgender lawmaker in Montana was ousted from the state’s Republican-dominated House of Representatives this week after sparking protests for LGBTQ rights. Rep Zooey Zephyra 34-year-old Democrat, previously said Republican lawmakers would have “blood” on their hands for passing bills restricting gender affirming care for minorities. Speaker Matt Regier, backed by a large Republican majority, ruled that Zephyr’s comments violated House rules and refused to allow her to speak about her until she apologized. Pro-Zephyr activists packed the Montana House gallery this week, erupting in chants of “Let her talk!” Under the disciplinary measure passed in a 68-32 vote Wednesday, Zephyr was expelled from the chamber for the remainder of this year’s legislative session. It is the latest example of a Republican-dominated state legislature. restrict who can be heard and what can be said

4. Borrowing limit

The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to approve the Republican plan to raise the nation’s debt ceiling, a symbolic victory for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. The measure is dead by the time it reaches the Democratic-led Senate, but it is primarily intended to boost efforts by Republicans to bargain with Democrats as the country nears its end. default deadline as early as this summer. The final vote was 217-215, with four Republicans—Ken Buck of Colorado, Andy Biggs of Arizona, Tim Burchett of Tennessee, and Matt Gaetz of Florida—voting against the bill. “We have done our job,” McCarthy said after the vote as he called on the Senate and President Joe Biden to take action. However, Biden reiterated Wednesday that he would not meet with McCarthy to extend the debt limit, saying it was “non-negotiable.”


disney on wednesday sued Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and its handpicked oversight board, accusing the 2024 Republican presidential candidate of weaponizing his political power to punish the company for exercising its free speech rights. The lawsuit was filed in federal court minutes after the board voted to invalidate an agreement was reached between Disney and the previous board in February, just prior to that board’s dissolution. Wednesday’s moves are the latest escalation in the fight between DeSantis and Disney as DeSantis moves on. toward a 2024 presidential bid. The fight now moves to the courts, where Disney, in its 77-page lawsuit, is seeking an injunction preventing the board from exercising the power that DeSantis and the Republican-led legislature sought to grant him.


Tired anteater wins on the internet

Zookeepers have a hard time trying to wake this sleepy giant. Watch the video here.

Aaron Rodgers Introduced as New York Jets Quarterback

Soccer season is right around the corner! Aaron Rodgers fans were excited to see him hold up his new jersey at a press conference on Wednesday.

Louisiana teen receives more than $9 million in scholarship offers

This 16 year old he is graduating high school two years early and has been accepted to more than 170 colleges.

Wendy’s will start selling canned chili in supermarkets

The fast food chain is transforming your beloved chili on a grocery store item.

Netflix releases preview of the sixth season of ‘Black Mirror’

After a three-year hiatus, “Black Mirror” is coming back to haunt you this june. You may even recognize some familiar faces in the new trailer here.



That’s how many men escaped from a Mississippi jail over the weekend, authorities said. One of the fleeing men was found dead in a burned-out building after a clash with authorities, and a manhunt is underway for the other three fugitives.


“The unlicensed practice of medicine is not only criminal activity, but can cause irreparable harm.”

— Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón, issuing a statement after a California man was accused of treating thousands of people without a medical license for years. The 44-year-old man was charged with falsely claiming that he was a licensed physician and offering treatment for serious medical conditions.


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The steakhouse that serves 3D printed vegan meat

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