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House Republicans have begun work on their own budget proposal in an effort to eliminate “wasteful” and “woke” spending, with a key adviser’s budget proposing a 30 percent cut to department programs. of health.

President Joe Biden unveils his own budget plan Thursday in Philadelphia. He has criticized Republicans on Social Security and Medicare, and has obtained public promises from top Republicans not to cut popular programs.

That leaves other “discretionary” programs on the chopping block, with some of the conservative Republicans who allowed Kevin McCarthy’s presidency vowing to continue with politically painful cuts if necessary.

The Biden White House has criticized Republicans for hanging out with former Trump budget official Russell Vought, and Vought confirmed to the New York Times He advises cuts to an “awake and armed government.”

The push comes weeks after House Republicans announced their plans to eliminate “wake-up waste.”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans are working on a budget plan that will cut funding from some national programs after saying they won’t cut Social Security and Medicare.

‘I’m not saying you can balance discretion [spending] just said. “But a work-requirement food stamp program is a much easier sell than premium support,” she said, speaking of a plan to make Medicare beneficiaries pay more.

Vought’s Center for America’s Renewal has cataloged some of the cuts that could form the basis of a GOP budget plan that must be approved by the Budget panel and approved by a majority vote by the House of Representatives.

One of the proposed cuts is to cut $37 billion, or 29 percent, from the Department of Health and Human Services.

The department “is a major purveyor of radical gender theories in the medical field, adding Critical Race Theory (CRT) under the guise of ‘health equity’ as part of its research emphasis,” he said. the group, which picks up the CRT, is a target for Republicans, including Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Former Trump Budget Director Russell Vought Advises House Republicans

President Joe Biden presses Republicans to say they have cuts in store for popular programs, challenges them to budget

The group denounces HHS for “enacting” so-called “gain of function” research, calling the agency a supporter of the “abortion industry and the transgender medical agenda.”

Other cuts in the scheme include a 45 percent cut in foreign aid, the imposition of work requirements on Medicaid and food stamp recipients, along with a knife-edge cut to the FBI’s counterintelligence budget.

That area should be reduced by 50 percent, with a 43 percent cut to housing programs.

Biden also accused Republicans of planning to cut Medicaid services for the poor.

Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott responded to Biden in an interview with DailyMail.com last week.

“First of all, the president is a liar,” he said. He said Biden signed a bill that “cuts” $280 billion from Medicare, referring to provisions that allow the government to deal directly with drug companies. The provision was a revenue booster, but did not cut programs.

Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott has fired back at President Biden, who repeatedly called him out for speeches saying he planned to cut Social Security.

“When he was in the Senate, he proposed to eliminate Medicare, Medicaid, veteran’s benefits, everything. So this man is a hypocrite,’ he said.

“What we have to focus on is how the American public puts them in a position where they can financially get health care for themselves,” he said.

When asked if that meant cutting Medicaid, he replied: “Well, look, can people get jobs? The federal government is not there to give benefits to anyone forever. [but to] create an economy where people can live alone. Look, I grew up in public housing, I didn’t wake up every day, so to speak, I hope I can go back to public housing. I want to be independent.

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