2023: NNPP pressured to remove gubernatorial candidate Hunkuyi in Kaduna

New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) stakeholders in Kaduna have threatened legal action to force the party to remove Suleiman Hunkuyi as its gubernatorial candidate.

On Sunday, the concerned parties staged a protest at the party secretariat, urging the party to remove Hunkuyi as its candidate for the 2023 general election.

A spokesman for the group, Ibrahim Murtala, said on Monday that signatures from interested parties were being collected in preparation for legal action against NNPP.

“We insist that Hunkuyi must step aside as an option, or we will be forced to obtain a court order to prevent him from running,” Murtala said, adding that the group has enough evidence to show the gubernatorial candidate was not compromised. with the party

“We cannot afford to lose the state election because of a mistake in fielding the wrong candidate for election. We have written several letters to state party executives as well as verbal complaints, but we have yet to receive a response,” Mr. Murtala explained.

He added: “Therefore, we have no choice but to go to court for justice. We cannot afford to sacrifice the hard work and dedication of our party’s many supporters for some selfish interest.”

Meanwhile, Ben Kure, chairman of the NNPP in Kaduna, said the party was working to resolve the issue.

“It is true that we have some concerns about our ability to win the 2023 gubernatorial election. This is largely due to the gubernatorial candidate himself,” Mr. Kure said. “So whoever feels this is wrong can challenge it in court. Every party member has the right to challenge any decision.”

Mr. Kure revealed that Hunkuyi’s choice was made in haste.

“Let me tell you, the only way to succeed in the gubernatorial election is to get a replacement. We cannot afford to face elections the way things are right now in the state,” he noted. “Honestly, Hunkuyi has shown that he is not ready for the governor’s race from the start, although he has earned the trust of Kwankwaso and other national leaders.”


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