‘1923’ Star Sebastian Roché Says ‘Yellowstone’ Deserves Emmy Recognition As It Has Never Been Nominated In Any Major Category

  • Sebastian Roche has opined on “Yellowstone” and its spin-offs being ignored by the Emmy Awards.
  • He “1923,” he told Insider that the shows are “great works of art” and deserve recognition.
  • “The fact that Kelly Reilly hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy is just amazing to me,” she said.

Since its launch in 2018, “yellow stonehas grown to become one of the most watched dramas on cable television with a devoted fan base and several successful spin-offs.

However, one thing the flagship series co-created by taylor sheridan and John Linson doesn’t have Emmy recognition, having sat out the awards for its first three seasons.

The fourth season got a single nomination in 2021 for production design, but lost to “Mare of Easttown”. Meanwhile, last year’s spin-off, “1883starring Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, it earned three nominations, two for cinematography and one for music, but also won.

Speaking to Insider, Sebastian Rochewho plays Father Renaud in the franchise’s most recent spin-off, “1923He said he thinks shows in the “Yellowstone” universe “have been deserving of all the awards in recent years” and is hopeful that something will change soon.

“I’ve been looking at ‘Yellowstone’ since its inception, and ‘1883’ as well, and these are great works of art,” he said. “They should have been rewarded, that’s my opinion.”

the cast of "yellow stone"

The cast of “Yellowstone”.

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Roché went on to single out British actress Kelly Reilly’s performance as the fierce but flawed Beth Dutton as one he thinks should really get a nod from the awards body.

“The fact that Kelly Reilly hasn’t been nominated for an Emmy is just amazing to me,” she said.

The actor added that he is hopeful that when the nominations are announced this year, both “Yellowstone” and “1923,” which leads Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, will get a few nominations.

“It’s something we haven’t seen in a long time on television or on the screen, a kind of epic drama with deep family connections and a deep understanding of history,” the actor said of the series, which was announced to be returning for a second season.

“While reading it, I thought of Hemingway”, Roché. “I think ‘1923’ should be in the conversation. I mean, when I see the work that the team does in terms of directing, photography and acting.”

Sebastian Roché as Father Renaud from the Paramount+ series "1923."

Sebastian Roché as Father Renaud from the Paramount+ series “1923.”

Emerson Miller/Paramount+

“I am impressed by the work my colleagues are doing on this program and I think it should be rewarded.”

Roché went on to praise Sheridan who, as the actors have previously revealedShe is very involved in the casting process for all of her shows.

“The thing about Taylor Sheridan is that he’s a masterful casting director, not just a brilliant writer. He knows who to cast and it’s like he’s writing, and he has a very specific idea of ​​who he wants and always finds the right person” . said the actor.

“This is work that I am extremely proud of and I think the academy should recognize it for what it is. It is a great work of art.”

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