14 Tricky Riddles And Riddles Only Smart People Can Solve

12. During a recent census, a man told the census taker that he had three children. When asked his age, he replied, “The product of his age is 72. The sum of his age is equal to my house number.” The census taker ran to the man’s front door and looked at the house number. “I still can’t tell,” he complained. The man replied, “Oh that’s right, I forgot to tell you that the older one likes chocolate pudding.” The census taker then quickly noted down the ages of the three children. How old are they?

A father and children.

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Answer: 3, 3 and 8.

Explanation: As Reddit users TT1103 and RedditRage explained, the key to this puzzle is that the census taker looks at the house number. In other words, he knows the sum of the ages of the children.

However, at that point in the riddle, he still cannot tell how old the sons of man are. Therefore, she has to be caught between multiple possibilities. To reduce it further, only two sets of numbers that are multiplied by 72 share the same sum: (2,6,6) and (3,3,8).

After the man reveals that his oldest child likes chocolate pudding, however, the census taker can differentiate between the two options. That is, only the last of those two sets has a distinct “older” child.

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